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A Program Guide to the U.S. Navy 1999 Edition

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Today's Decisions ... Tomorrow's Vision

Strategic Transformation

  • Enduring Requirements
  • Enduring Need: Forward Presence
  • Enduring Attributes of Naval Expeditionary Forces
  • Today's & Tomorrow's Naval Revolutions
  • Hard Choices
Planning Objectives ... Programming Decisions
  • 21st Century Force Structure
  • Preserving Core Capabilities
  • Ensuring Quality of Life
  • Outsourcing Functions & Reducing Infrastructure
  • Sustaining Criticial Industrial Capabilities
  • Joint Programs
  • A National Fleet
  • International Programs

Chapter 2: Program Decisions & Implementation

From Strategy to Program Decisions
Naval Doctrine Development & Warfare Innovation
Navy Program Planning
Marine Corps Program Development
Navy Department POM
Navy Program Vision

Chapter 3: Requirements into Capabilities

Navy-Marine Corps Acquisition
DOD Acquisition Systems
  • Aircraft
  • Submarines

  • Surface Ships, Craft & Logistice Systems

  • Airborne Weapons
  • Submarine Weapons
  • Surface Weapons
Sensors, Electronic, and Information Warfare Systems

  • Airborne Systems
  • Subsurface Systems
  • Surface Systems
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
(C4I )
  • Joint Service/Navy Wide Systems
  • Airborne Systems
  • Submarine Systems
  • Surface Systems
Mine Warfare Programs
  • Dedicated Mine Countermeasure Systems
  • Naval Mining
  • Organic Mine Countermeasure Systems

Chapter 4: Fiscal Outlook

Financial Resources
Navy-Marine Corps Appropriations
Vision Presence Power

Appendix A Navy Department Appropriations Titles and Descriptions

Appendix B Organization and Structure of the Naval Services

  • Administrative Organization
  • Operational Organization

Appendix C Glossary

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