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CG-16 Leahy class

Modern US Navy Guided Missile Cruisers perform primarily in a Battle Force role. These ships are multi-mission (AAW, ASW, ASUW) surface combatants capable of supporting carrier or battleship battle groups, amphibious forces, or of operating independently and as flagships of surface action groups. Due to their extensive combat capability, these ships have been designated as Battle Force Capable (BFC) units.

The Leahy-class were "double-end" guided missile Guided Missile Destroyer Leader [DLG], which as with other similar ships were reclassified as Guide Missile Cruisers [CG] on 30 June 1975. The class was given an AAW upgrade during the late-1960's and early 1970's, with Terrier launchers modified to fire Terrier or Standard SM-1ER missiles. The 3"/50 guns were replaced by 8 Harpoon missiles, the Terrier launchers were upgraded to fire the Standard SM-2ER missile, and 2 Phalanx CIWS were added. All were upgraded under the late-1980's New Threat Upgrade (NTU) program, which included combat system capability improvements to the ship's Air Search Radars (SPS-48E and SPS-49), Fire Control Radars (SPG-55B), and Combat Direction System (CDS). These improvements provided an accurate means of coordinating the engagment of multiple air targets with SM-2 Extended Range missiles. During the NTU overhaul, all spaces were renovated, berthing and food service areas were refurbished, and the engineering plant was fully overhauled.

The entire class was taken out of service in the early 1990's, stricken and transferred to the Maritime Administration for disposal.


Displacement 7,800 tons (full load)
Length 533 feet;
Beam 55 feet
Max Speed 33 knots
Power Plant 4 - 1200 psi boilers; 2 geared turbines
2 shafts 85,000 shaft horsepower
Aircraft None - VERTREP hover areas only
Armament Standard Missiles (ER)
ASROC (from MK 16 box launcher)
8 - Harpoon (from two quad launchers)
6 - MK 46 torpedoes (from 2 triple tube mounts)
2 - 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Combat Systems SPS-48 3D Air Search Radar
SPS-49 Air Search Radar
SPS-10 Surface Search Radar or
SPS-67 Surface Search Radar

SQQ-23 Sonar

1 Mk14 Weapon Direction System
4 Mk76 Missile Fire Control System
1 Mk111 ASW Fire Control System
4 SPG-55 Radars

SLQ-25 NIXIE [Mk 6 FANFARE on CG-17]
SLQ-32 EW system
Complement 455 (27 officer, 428 enlisted)


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
Leahy CG 16BathSan Diego195904 Aug 196201 Oct 1993
Harry E. Yarnell CG 17Bath Norfolk196002 Feb 196329 Oct 1993
Worden CG 18 Bath Pearl Harbor196003 Aug 196301 Oct 1993
Dale CG 19New York SBMayport196023 Nov 196327 Sep 1994
Richmond K. Turner CG 20New York SBPascagoula196013 Jun 196413 Apr 1995
Gridley CG 21Puget Sound NSY San Diego196025 May 196321 Jan 1994
England CG 22Todd San Diego196007 Dec 196321 Jan 1994
Halsey CG 23San Francisco NSYSan Diego196020 Jul 196328 Jan 1994
Reeves CG 24Puget Sound NSY Yokosuka196015 May 196412 Nov 1993

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