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T-AK 4296 Capt. Steven L. Bennett

The T-AK 4296 Capt. Steven L. Bennett is an Air Force ammunition prepositioning ship, deployed in the Mediterranean. On 21 May 1997 MSC awarded a time-charter contract in the amount of $47 million to Ultra Maritime, Inc. (a subsidiary of Sealift, Inc.), of Oyster Bay, N.Y., for the 59-month charter of MV Sea Pride.

The container ship Sea Pride was renamed in honor of Air Force Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Steven L. Bennett. An Air Force pilot who flew in Vietnam, Bennet died while saving his back-seater in an OV-10. Bennett is the Air Force's most recent Medal of Honor recipient. The Steven Logan Bennett is a container ship that will be used to preposition U.S. Air Force ammunition in the Mediterranean Sea. The vessel, which has the capacity to carry 1,922 containers, is currently foreign-flagged, but will be re-flagged as a US vessel prior to beginning performance under the MSC contract. Cranes installed aboard the vessel makes it self-sustaining for loading and off-loading cargo.


LengthT-AK 4296 T-AK 4396
Power Plant
Length687 feet 652 feet
Beam100 feet 105 feet
Draft 38 feet 34 feet
Displacement 52,878 long tons48,000 long tons
Speed knots ( mph)19.0 knots


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
Capt. Steven L. Bennett
[ex Sea Pride]
T-AK 4296 20 Nov 1997
Maj. Bernard F. Fisher
[ex Sea Pride]
T-AK 4396 02 Dec 1998 Aug 1999

T-AK 4296

T-AK 4396

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