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MSC PAO 97-28
May 21, 1997
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MSC awards contract to preposition ammo

When a crisis erupts and your troops need ammunition, they usually don't have the luxury of time. They need it now--and itís Military Sealift Commandís job to get it to them. Toward this end, MSC awarded a time-charter contract in the amount of $47 million to Ultra Maritime, Inc. (a subsidiary of Sealift, Inc.), of Oyster Bay, N.Y., for the 59-month charter of MV Sea Pride.

Sea Pride is a container ship that will be used to preposition U.S. Air Force ammunition in the Mediterranean Sea. The vessel, which has the capacity to carry 1,922 containers, is currently foreign-flagged, but will be re-flagged as a U.S. vessel prior to beginning performance under the MSC contract. Cranes installed aboard the vessel makes it self-sustaining for loading and off-loading cargo.

MSCís Afloat Prepositioning Force, to which Sea Pride will belong, consists of 34 ships that serve as at-sea warehouses--laden with war stocks and other supplies that are needed quickly when U.S. troops are called to respond to an overseas crisis.