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MSC PAO 98-61
December 2, 1998
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Marge Holtz or Dan Philbin
(202) 685-5055

Contract announced for
MV Sea Fox time charter

The Military Sealift Command awarded a $41.2 million time charter contract to Sealift Inc. of Oyster Bay, N.Y., for a 59-month charter of the container vessel, MV Sea Fox.

Sea Fox will function as part of MSC's Afloat Prepositioned Ship program. Afloat prepositioning ships locate American military equipment and supplies at sea in strategic locations worldwide, ready to support U.S. fighting forces, if called.

Eleven thousand square feet of roll-on/roll-off space with a starboard-side stern quarter ramp gives Sea Fox the added benefit of accommodating military vehicles. With the capacity to hold nearly 2,000 containers of U.S. Air Force ammunition, Sea Fox will operate with MSC's Maritime Prepositioned Ship Squadron Two, based at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

As with most MSC afloat prepositioning ships, Sea Fox will be renamed for a Medal of Honor recipient before entering service in Aug. 1999.

Military Sealift Command is the primary provider of maritime transportation for the Department of Defense in peacetime and war.