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Pave Tack AN/AVQ-26

The Pave Tack system gave high-speed tactical aircraft the ability to acquire, recognize, and attack tactical targets during day, night, and adverse weather conditions. The Pave Tack pod was developed for common usage on the F-4E, RF-4C, and F-111F aircraft. It is fully integrated into the host aircraft digital computer avionics system. The pod uses an imaging infrared sensor and laser designator/ranger for navigational updates, target acquisition and recognition, and weapon delivery. The laser designator gives guidance for laser-guided weapons and has four-digit cockpit-selectable PRF or PIM coding.


Description: Pod contained, electro-optical laser system.

Provides precision laser designation/ranging and tracking of ground targets for attacks by conventional and laser guided weapons during day, night, and limited adverse weather conditions.
Function: Infrared detector is boresighted to laser assembly for tracking and designating targets for LGB/LLLGB.
Employment: Self lasing for autonomous LGB/LLLGB delivery or "buddy lasing" for other aircraft.
PRF Codes: Classified. In flight selectable.
Target Nominal Range
(for std tgt 2.3 x 2.3 meters):
Stationary- Slant range/visibility dependent.

Moving- Slant range/visibility dependent.
System Unique Capabilities: Uses imaging infrared sensors and laser designator/ rangefinder for target acquisition and weapons delivery.

Day and night limited adverse weather system.
Limitations: Not "all" weather system.
Gimbal limits affect designator aircraft flight path profile during bomb time of flight.
Platform: RF-4C, F-4E, F-111F

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