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Global Positioning System Aided Munition (GAM)
[GBU-36/B & GBU-37/B]]

The Global Positioning System Aided Munition (GAM) was developed by the Air Force and Northrop Grumman Corporation as an interim precision munition for the B-2. GAM is a tail kit that fits on the 2,000-pound Mk84 general purpose bomb [GBU-36/B], or the 4,500 lb BLU-113 penetrator [GBU-37/B]. GAM uses GPS guidance to more accurately guide to target locations. The munition is to be eventually replaced on the B-2 by the Joint Direct Attack Munition. The GBU-37 was added to the B-2 arsenal in late 1997. This weapon is currently the only all-weather, near-precision "bunker busting " capability available.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) Aided Target System [GATS] is an all weather B-2 targeting system which reduces Target Location Error (TLE) normally associated with target coordinates. By exploiting the synergistic effects of the B-2ís GPS navigation and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) capabilities, which combine the SARís excellent range and range rate capabilities with accurate GPS Position and velocity information, we provide the GAM highly accurate target location relative to current B-2 position.

The GATS/GAM system was developed to meet a B-2 Block 20 precision weapon requirement left unfulfilled by the cancellation of another munition. All GAMs have been delivered to the 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman AFB MO and are in operational use. Demonstrated accuracy by Air Combat Command aircrews has been under 20 feet.


Mission Close air support, air interdiction, counterair, airborne strike, suppression of enemy air defense
Targets Mobile hard, mobile soft, fixed hard, fixed soft, maritime surface
Service Air Force
Program status Operational
First capability 1996
Guidance method GPS/INS
Range Greater than 5 nautical miles
Circular error probable 12-18 meters
Quantity 128
Development cost Munition development cost is included with development of the GPS Aided Targeting System
Production cost $29.6 million
Total acquisition cost $29.6 million
Acquisition unit cost $231,250
Production unit cost $231,250
Platforms B-2

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