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Fast Reaction Standoff Weapon [FRSW]

The Fast Reaction Standoff Weapon [FRSW] is a hypersonic solid rocket powered boost/glide weapon with an average velocity of mach 8.1 in order to provide rapid response to time sensitive targets. Weapon can be launched from most fighters and bombers from standoff ranges outside theater defenses. Guidance is anti-jam GPS/INS.

FRSW can carry two Small Smart Bombs (SSB) for buried/hard target attack such as storage facilities for weapons of mass destruction.

LOCAAS has a low-cost solid state LADAR sensor coupled with a multimode warhead and a maneuvering airframe to produce a high performance submunition . Guidance/sensor integrated fusing allows the warhead to be detonated as a long rod penetrator, an aerostable slug, or as fragments based on the hardness of the target. The high resolution LADAR allows target aimpoint and warhead selection to be determined automtoically. The powered LOCAAS uses a small turbojet engine which is capable of powering the vehicle for up to 30 minutes. LOCAAS will provide automatic target recognition and allow effectiveness against the full spectrum of mobile SEAD and TMD targets. Powered LOCAAS has a 33 sq. nm search area.


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