Released to the Public on 14 October 1999

Initial test flights of GBU-24E/B prove successful at Point Mugu

First flights--The GBU-24E/B hangs beneath an F-14 prior to one of two test missions in late September. The Tomcat was crewed by pilot Cdr. Mark Bathrick and LCdr. William Chubb, radar intercept officer.
Point Mugu, CA-GBU-24E/B, an Enhanced Paveway Laser Guided Bomb, was tested in late September at NAWCWD Point Mugu to verify the ability of the aircraft to provide uninterrupted power and GPS signals to the bomb.

GBU-24E/B is a precision-guided hardened target penetrator used to destroy hardened aircraft hangers and underground bunkers. It integrates a Global Positioning System and a ring laser gyro inertial measuring unit (IMU) to the already fielded GBU-24B/B "Paveway III" with the existing laser guidance.

A new guidance and control unit has been modified to incorporate GPS electronics, GPS antenna, IMU and software for precision GPS/INS guidance. This F-14B upgrade and the F-14D aircraft will be able to employ the new GBU-24E/B once the aircraft software, developed and tested at Point Mugu, is fielded. This is a significant warfighting enhancement that will enable the F-14 to attack targets in all weather conditions with a precision guided munition.

All test objectives were met for aircraft integration and Raytheon engineers were pleased with the data they recorded from the bomb during ground and flight testing.

Live drop testing will begin in November.