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AGM-123 Skipper II

The Navy's AGM-123 Skipper II is a short range precision attack missile, consisting of a Paveway II laser guidance system and a small booster rocket attached to a Mk.83 bomb, developed by Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division NAWCWPNS China Lake, Skipper used the MK 78 SHRIKE, dual thrust motor for propulsion, with gravity bias incorporated for low level launch capability. Skipper II can be released at stand off ranges that may reduce exposure of delivery aircraft to enemy air defense systems. This may decrease delivery aircraft vulnerability and increase survivability.


Contractor Emerson Electric
Year 1985
Type anti-ship powered guided bomb
Wingspan 1.6 m
Length 4.3 m
Diameter 0.5 m
Launch weight 582 kg
Max. speed 1100 km/h
Maximum range 25 km
Propulsion tandem-mounted single stage dual thrust solid propellant rocket motors
GuidancePaveway II passive laser
Warhead impact-fuzed Mk.83 high-explosive bomb, 450 kg
Platforms A-6E, A-7, F/A-18

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