WORK ON THE SSN-23 (Senate - September 30, 1993)

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Mr. D'AMATO. Mr. President, readers of the Record are familiar with the deep misgivings I have expressed regarding the funds the Navy is seeking to pry loose to continue work on the SSN-23. Until today, Congress had no insight into how half a billion dollars was to be spent beyond the vague promise that it would help to bridge the submarine industrial base to Centurion. Our oversight responsibilities demand a better grasp of events than such airy assurances, and I made it clear that I was prepared to block further construction of a third Seawolf until the Navy provided Congress with a specific strategy for the SSN-23.

I am delighted to report that the Navy has delivered to me a detailed breakout of how the $540 million appropriated by Congress will be spent. Critical vendors, less nuclear and combat system suppliers, will be protected. As for the two exceptions, my colleagues will recall that the long-lead funding for the CVN-76 appropriated last year was, in part, designed to bridge critical nuclear subcontractors to Centurion. I, and others, are attempting to address the needs of the submarine combat system industrial base this year through a variety of means, most prominently a BQG-5 Wide Aperture Array backfit program.

I ask that the Navy list of components and suppliers be included in the Record.

The material follows:

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SSN-23 Submarine Industrial Base Items

The Department of Defense Bottom-Up Review concluded that construction of the SSN 23 in FY 1995 or FY 1996 is the most effective alternative to bridge the submarine industrial base gap until the FY 1998 authorization of the New Attack Submarine.

The following is a preliminary list of components to be procured for SSN 23 utilizing the $540 million provided by P.L. 102-298:

System/Component     Manufacturer               State   
Propulsor            FMC                        MN      
Hull/Back-up Valves  Electric Boat Division     CT      
Main Propulsion Unit Westinghouse Electric Corp CA      
SSTGs                General Electric           MA & NY 
Oxygen Generator     Treadwell                  CT      
AN/BSY-2 Components  Various                    Various 
Type 18H periscope   Kollmorgen                 MA      
Type 8J periscope    To Be Determined           TBD     
AN/WLQ-4(V)          GTE                        CA      
Gas Mgt System       Hamilton Standard          CT      

The suppliers of the CFE equipment listed are supplying these components on existing SEAWOLF contracts. The ultimate selection of the SSN 23 supplier is the responsibility of the shipbuilder.

System/Component          Manufacturer              State 
Main Condenser            IMO Ind, Deleval          NJ    
Hydraulic pumps           IMO Inc, (IMO Pump)       NC    
R114 A/C components       York International        PA    
Heat Exchanger            Aqua Chem, Inc            TN    
Heat Exchanger            Precision Components      PA    
Towed Array Handling      Lakeshore, Inc            MI    
Diesel Generators         Coltec Industries         WI    
Low Pressure Blower       Dresser Industries        IN    
Propulsion Plant pumps    Ingersoll--Dresser Inc    NJ    
Vacuum Pumps              Nash Engineering          CT    
LP Air Compressor         Nash Engineering          CT    
Main Thrust Bearings      Waukesha Bearings         WI    
R-12 Refrigeration        Marlo Coil                MO    
Acoustic Filters          Oil States Industries     TX    
Shaft Seal Housing        American Metal Bearing    CA    
Shaft Seal Assy           EG&G Sealol Inc           RI    
HY100 Castings            ESCO Corp                 OR    
Non-Ferrous fittings      Nucraloy Corp             NY    
Connectors                D.G. O'Brien              NH    
Penetrators               D.G. O'Brien              NH    
SPM Cables/Penetrators    ITT Cannon                AZ    
Various Valves            P J Valves                PA    
Various Valves            Custom Marine             CT    
Various Valves            Morland Valve             CT    
Various Valves            Marotta                   NJ    
Various Valves            Allied Signal             AZ    
Quite Hydraulic Valves    Sargent Controls          AZ    
Hydraulic Actuators       Flo-Tork                  OH    
Power Dist Switchboards   NMP                       OK    
Quiet Air Manifolds       VACCO                     CA    
Motor Generators          General Electric          PA    
Quiet Hydraulic Cylinders Allied Signal             AZ    
Forgings                  Lenape Forge              PA    
Forgings                  E M Jorgensen             WA    
Burners                   Cepeda Associates         KY    
Bow Dome                  HITCO/BP Chemical         CA    
Main Air Ejectors         IMO Condenser Div         NJ    
Fittings/Flanges          Cunico Fitting & Valve    CA    
Elec. Switch Gear         SPD Technologies          PA    
Special Electronics       EMS Development Corp      NY    
Noise Monitoring System   Scientific Atlanta        CA    
155 VDC System            Westinghouse              MD    
Scrubbers                 Cepeda Associates         KY    
Torpedo Tubes             Electric Boat Div         CT    
Welding Consumables       INCO Alloys Int'l         NC    
Arc Fault Detection Cntrl Henschel                  MA    
Steel Welding Consumables L-TEC Welding Cutting Sys OH    
Fasterners                BEK Level-I               CA    
ADS/BASEBAND              Hughes                    CA    
Secondary Propulsion Sys  Westinghouse              PA    
Chlorine Generator        Hamilton Standard         CT    
Risics                    Edwards                   TX    

Nuclear components were placed on contract in FY 1989 when advance procurement funds were appropriated for SSN 23. When the SEAWOLF program was terminated, the contracts were placed on stop work.

Contracts will be placed as soon as possible after the $540 million is released for Program Manager obligation.

The SSN 23 submarine industrial base fund planned breakdown is as follows:


Government Furnished Equipment, Non-Nuclear


Contractor Furnished Equipment/SSN 23 construction prep