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M58 Wolf Smoke Generator System

M58A3 Smoke Generator Carrier The M58 is an upgraded Smoke Generator Carrier. The M58 will incorporate the turbine powered Large Area Obscuration System inside a RISE upgraded M113A3 Chassis. The Large Area Obscuration System is capable of generating both visual and infrared-defeating obscurant clouds.

DESCRIPTION: The M58 is a mechanized armored vehicle which provides large area multispectral obscurant screening for maneuvering forces. The M58 Smoke Generator System is composed of M56 smoke generator components integrated into an M113 type chassis. Additional systems, such as the AN/VAS-5 Driver's Vision Enhancer (DVE), the M8A3 Gas Particulate Filter Unit (GPFU), M259 Smoke Grenade Launchers, and a Single Channel Ground-Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) have been designed into the M58 to support its mission. To enhance the mobility and maneuverability of the M58, the Reliability Improvement of Selected Equipment (RISE) configuration package, which includes a 275 HP turbocharged 6V53T Detroit Diesel engine coupled to a 4-speed hydrostatic transmission, external fuel tanks, and a new driver's station has been incorporated. These chassis improvements provide the M58 the capability to keep pace with the Abrams and Bradley units that it will support. Without refueling or resupplying obscurant material, the M58 is capable of continuously producing 90 minutes of visual and 30 minutes of Infrared (IR) screens. Future planned materiel changes will allow the addition of a Millimeter Wave (MMW) obscuration module. The M58, operated by a three-man crew, has the capability to counter the threat arising from the wide proliferation of advanced visual and IR sensors and future MMW sensors.

BACKGROUND: The M58 enhances the maneuver commander's ability to deploy his forces. The Chemical Smoke Platoon is comprised of seven (7) M58 vehicles. Six (6) of these vehicles are organized into two (2) squads and led by the Smoke Platoon Leader in the seventh vehicle. Missions include providing static and mobile visual and/or IR screening (haze, blanket, curtain) to conceal ground maneuver forces, breaching and recovery operations. Three platoons are assigned to the Mechanized Smoke Company, and one platoon to the Division Chemical Company. Multiyear contracts were awarded to Robotic Systems Technology for M58 Smoke Generator Components; Raytheon Texas Instru- ments for Driver's Vision Enhancers and IDL for gas particulate filter units in 2QFY96. Anniston Army Depot was awarded the contract to fabricate the M58 mounting kit and complete the conversion of M113A2 vehicles into M58 systems beginning 4QFY96.

STATUS: PM Smoke is modernizing the smoke fleet. With the type classification of the M56 and the M58 Smoke Generator Systems, the Force Package 1 and 2 units will be receiving the newest smoke generator systems. At the same time, the force package 1 and 2 turned in equipment will be modernized to the M1059A3 and the M157A3 and refielded to Force Package 3 and 4 units to reduce operational and support costs. Within each of these programs, modernization efforts are underway.

The M58 Wolf completed a successful Production Verification Test and submitted for Materiel Release Action in 1QFY98. Fielding to the U.S. Army Chemical School occurred 2QFY98. Fielding to FORSCOM units begin 4QFY98. A total of 140 M58 systems are planned as replacements for M1059 systems. The total Army Acquisition Objective (AAO) for the M58 Smoke Generator is 350 systems.

The M58 acquisition strategy is to obtain the parts required for the M58 production through the organizations responsible for the subsystems and supply these parts to Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) for the assembly/production of the M58. ANAD has been identified as the M58 production facility based on core depot workload requirements, as the M58 production is part of the overall M113 fleet overhaul and conversion program, which is assigned to ANAD. As ANAD is the production facility, the fabrication/procurement of the interface kit has been tasked to ANAD.

The Modernization through Spares (MTS) plan for the M58 is to consolidate current program modernization efforts. As the M58 is a conglomeration of subsystems managed by a variety of commands, the M58 MTS effort will look at the entire M58 system and then each major subsystem. The MTS efforts will be tailored to the entire system and each major subsystem. Subsystem MTS efforts will be tasked to the command supplying that subsystem through the existing memorandums of agreement/understanding established by PM Smoke. PM Smoke will monitor and promote subsystem's command efforts on MTS through program reviews. The MTS efforts must consider the fact that the quantity of M58 systems compared to the quantities of M56 Smoke Generators, M8A3 systems, Driver Thermal Viewers, Sincgars Radios, and M113 Chassis are small. Therefore, subsystem changes cannot be made just for the M58 system, but must be made for all users of the subsystems to avoid increasing the variety of parts in the supply system resulting in additional cost. Any subsystem MTS part will be incorporated into the M58 as soon as possible.

The design of the M58 allows for the total substitution of a subsystem by an improved subsystem, if this becomes available. For example, the original design was to use a cooled FIR system for the thermal viewer. As advances in this area were made, change to a simpler, less costly uncooled FIR was made during initial production. Only minor changes in the interface hardware were required.

The M113 chassis is currently used for the M58 system. Selection of the M113 as the chassis was based on initial investment, availability, operating cost, maintenance cost, logistical support, and performance. The Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) is the responsible command and utilizes United Defense Limited Partnership (UDLP) as its contractor for engineering and technical data and ANAD as the prime maintenance depot. The current production is utilizing A2 chassis turned in for overhaul. These chassis are upgraded to the A3 chassis through the incorporation of an external fuel tank, improved engine/transmission, improved steering system, and other improvements contained in the A3 package. TACOM has separate competitive multiyear contracts for the engine, transmission, external fuel tank, and overarching interface package. In addition to ANAD, UDLP-Anniston has an ongoing contract to handle additional work above depot capability and has been a partner with ANAD in the past on the M113 overhaul and conversion process for several variants.




COMBAT DEVELOPER: U.S. Army Chemical School.

MATERIEL DEVELOPER: The Product Manager for Smoke/Obscurants, U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command.

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