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Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm (ACADA)

[ACADA photo]The XM22 is an "off-the-shelf" automatic chemical agent alarm system capable of detecting and identifying standard blister and nerve agents. The XM22 system is manportable, will operate with no human interface after system start-up, and provides an audio and visual alarm. Another critical feature of the XM22 system is a communications interface to support battlefield automation systems.




The XM22 system will replace or complement the M8A1 Alarm as an automatic point detector and will augment the Chemical Agent Monitor as a survey instrument. The XM22 will be used by the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps primarily for area warning. It will also be used to monitor collective protection shelters and is mountable on vehicles.

Joint Services Operational Requirement: 1 Nov 78 (Revised 11 Jun 90)

Army Basis of Issue:
1 per platoon
1 per company headquarters
1 per monitoring/reconnaissance application

Type Classified Standard: FY97

First Unit Equipped: FY98

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