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AN/VDR-2 Radiac Set

AN/VDR-2 photo The AN/VDR-2 can perform ground radiological surveys in vehicles or in the dismounted mode by individual soldiers as a hand held instrument. The set can also provide a quantitative measure of radiation to decontaminate personnel, equipment, and supplies. Components of the Radiac Set include the Radiacmeter IM-243, Probe DT-616, and Pouch with strap. Installation kits are available as Common Table Allowances (CTA) items for installation of the Radiac Set in various military vehicles. The set includes an audible and/or visual alarm that is compatible with vehicular NBC protective systems in armored vehicles and also interfaces with vehicular power systems and intercoms.


Requirement Document: Revalidated QMR 1980

Basis of Issue: Replaces the IM-174 and AN/PDR-27

Production Deliveries Started: June 1988

First Unit Equipped: March 1989

Type Classified Standard: 1985

Unit Price: $636 (Hardware)

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