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AN/PDR-77 Radiac Set

AN/PDR-77 photo The AN/PDR-77 detects and measures alpha and x-ray radiation. It also detects and measures beta and gamma radiation. The system incorporates commercially available measurement electronics, an alpha probe, beta gamma probe, and x-ray probe. The radiac set has a digital LCD Display, is auto-ranging, and has settable audio and/or visual alarm thresholds. The radiac set is the primary radiac device to support the storage and movement of nuclear weapons, to respond to nuclear accidents, and to maintain Army equipment containing radioactive materials. The AN/PDR-77 has replaced the AN/PDR-56F and AN/PDR-60 which utilized 30 year old technology that was difficult and costly to support. Neither of the two systems were sensitive enough to accomplish the Army's alpha detection mission.


Basis of Issue: One-for-one replacement for the AN/PDR-56F and AN/PDR-60.

Production Deliveries Started: Jun 94

First Unit Equipped: Jul 94 (fielding now complete)

Type Classified Standard: Oct 94

Unit Price: $3,996 (Hardware)

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