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155 mm Projectiles

The 155mm diameter projectiles offer a wide range of options for battlefield usage.

Bursting 155mm Projectiles
Smart/Guided 155mm Projectiles

Separate loading ammunition is used in 155mm howitzers. Separate loading ammunition has four separate components: primer, propellant, projectile, and fuze. The four components are issued separately. Upon preparation for firing, the projectile and propellant are loaded into the howitzer in two separate operations. Separate loading ammunition propellants are issued as a separate unit of issue in sealed canisters to protect the propellant. The amount of propellant to be fired with artillery ammunition is varied by the number of propellant increments. The charge selected is based on the range to the target and the tactical situation.

The Modular Artillery Charge System, a replacement system for 155mm propelling charges, offers simplified logistics compared to traditional bag propellant systems.

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