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M67 / M72 Area Denial Anti-personnel Mine (ADAM)
M692 long-destruct
M731 short-destruct

Area Denial Anti-personnel Mine (ADAM) mines are delivered by 155mm howitzer. ADAM should not be planned on hard surface roads or airfields as the mines will shatter or break when hitting asphalt or concrete.

ADAM is an antipersonnel mine activated by deployed trip lines. There are 36 wedge-shaped mines contained in the 155-mm projectile. Minefield density can be selectively determined by altering the number of rounds applied. There are currently three densities: low, medium, and high. The mines are expelled from the projectile (approximately 600 meters) over the designated target. Shortly after ground impact, up to seven trip line sensors are released out to a maximum length of 20 feet. The detonators are armed to fiction in the event of any small disturbance. The ADAM mine has lethality out to 15 feet. Self-destruct times are 4 hours for short self-destruct (M731) and 48 hours for long self-destruct (M692).

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