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Military Spending Working Group [MSWG] Documentation is an information service of the Federation of American Scientists Arms Sales Monitoring Project. It consists of a single daily emission of primary documentation and source material on military spending and related topics. This traffic may be accessed several ways:

Traffic to MSWG is emitted on an as-needed basis -- when there is an awful lot going on, there may be serveral emissions in a single day, and when things are slow, several days may go by between emissions.

As for content, we aim to cut out the middleman and bring you the direct hot inside skinny -- transcripts of briefings, full texts of important documents, and all the other stuff that gets summarized into 25 words or less by the mass media. Much of the MSWG traffic consists of extracts from the daily slopping of the hogs @ State, DOD, Casa Blanca, etc, along with other odds and ends that we pick up along the way. This "stuff" is pretty much full text, rather than glosses on other reporting.

Military Analysis Online Conference is the appropriate venue for back-and-forth discussions on these issues.

This is pretty heavy duty traffic, and aimed more @ specialists than activists. But if you need access to this type of product as soon as possible, this list is for you. On the other hand, if you are suffering from terminal info.glut as it is, don't despair. The complete set of back issues of MSWG are archived at this site [all of which is readily accessible with our most estimable search engine]. So there is no need for you to worry about locally recreating an archive of this email traffic -- we have it all here whenever you need it.

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