From Commerce Business Daily, May 20, 1999 PSA-2350


This is an amendment to Program Research and Development Announcement
(PRDA) MNK 99-0001. The Air Force Research Laboratory, Munitions
Directorate, Ordnance Division (AFRL/MNMI) did not receive an acceptable
proposal for development of an Agent Defeat Warhead (ADW) Demonstration
(ADWD). The closing date for proposals was 29 April 1999. The ADWD
program objective is to develop and demonstrate a warhead with a payload
specifically tailored for use against fixed ground targets associated
with the development, production, and storage of chemical (C) agents,
biological (B) agents, and CB weapons (CBW). The acquisition strategy for
this program is under reevaluation at this time. Future notices regarding
this program will be posted on the web page cited herein and in the
Commerce Business Daily when this reevaluation is complete. Points of
contact: Ms Vicki Keider, Contracting Officer, (850) 882-4294, ext 3404,
or Ms Judith Gibson, Contract Negotiator, (850) 882-4294, ext 3419, at
AFRL/MNK, 101 West Eglin Blvd., Suite 337, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6810, or
e-mail to keider or, respectively. The
AFRL/MNK telefax number is (850) 882-9599. Programmatic and Technical
Issues: Mr Ken West, (850) 882-2141, ext 2200, at AFRL/MNMI, 101 West
Eglin Blvd., Suite 250, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6810, or e-mail to The AFRL/MNMI telefax number is (850) 882-9790.
Ombudsman: An Ombudsman has been appointed to address concerns from
offerors or potential offerors during the proposal development phase of
this acquisition. Routine or administrative questions should be directed
to the Contracting Officer or Program Manager. The Ombudsman does not
diminish the authority of the program director or the contracting
officer, but communicates contractor concerns, issues, disagreements, and
recommendations to the appropriate government personnel. When requested,
the Ombudsman shall maintain strict confidentiality as to the source of
concern. Potential offerors are invited to contact AFRL/MN_s Ombudsman,
Lt Col Gary Libell @ (850) 882-2872,with serious concerns only. This
announcement and updated or other general information will be available
via the World Wide Web at _ or WEB: Visit
this URL for the latest information about this,
0001&LocID=1362. E-MAIL: Judith Gibson, Posted
05/18/99 (D-SN332645).