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Program Executive Office (Cruise Missiles and Joint Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

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DATE: 6 APRIL 1998



The Navyís SLAM-ER (Standoff Land Attack Missile - Expanded Response), hits the mark again as another milestone for the missile program is met. Following on the heels of five highly successful flight tests and the conclusion of developmental testing, the Program Executive Officer for Cruise Missiles and Joint Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, RADM Barton Strong, USN, has approved the second low-rate initial production of SLAM-ER. The decision paves the way for The Boeing Company to produce 22 SLAM-ERs, with an option for an additional 20.

SLAM-ER improves upon Baseline SLAM performance in the areas of accuracy, man-in-the-loop interface, reliability, aerodynamic performance, and lethality. The key to these achievements is the new guidance system at the heart of the missile. The Guidance Navigation Unit uses the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

"SLAM-ERís performance in the testing environment thus far is proving why this missile will be such a valuable asset to the Navyís weapons arsenal. The program is on track to provide us the next generation precision weapon system at very low cost and risk," noted Capt. A.J. Benn, USN, Standoff Missile Systems Program Manager.

The Low-Rate Initial Production II falls in line with recent acquisition reform initiatives. A decision on full-rate production is expected to take place after the completion of operational flight testing in late 1998. Capt. Benn emphasized that this phased approach to full-rate production allows the decision-makers to limit risk and make the best investment decisions based on actual system performance.

For further information contact Ms. Cathy Partusch, Public Affairs Officer, PEO(CU), (301) 757-6316.