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DATE: 19 March 98




SLAM-ER DT-5 was launched from an F/A-18 on 19 March and successfully impacted a Mobile Ship Target (MST) transiting near San Nicolas Island, Calif., Pt. Mugu Sea Test Range. The missile was launched and controlled in terminal flight by LT Rich "Calvin" Burr of the Naval Air Warfare Center – Weapons Division, Weapons Test Squadron.

This was the first flight test to demonstrate that SLAM-ER can fulfill its Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) mission objective. A Global Positioning System (GPS)-equipped F/A-18, flying with the new OFP-13C software, used its on-board radar to locate and target the MST. The DT-5 missile was then launched at low altitude and low speed on a bearing toward the ship target. As the SLAM-ER navigated with its GPS/INS toward the target location, it received two midcourse updates from the F/A-18 aircraft via the AWW-13 data link pod. These quick-reaction launch and midcourse update features are part of the Target Of Opportunity (TOO) mode of SLAM-ER which can be used against ships at sea or those transiting through littoral areas. DT-5 was the final developmental test flight of SLAM-ER prior to entry into the combined developmental-operational phase of the test program.

As the DT-5 missile approached the target area, LT Burr was able to locate and provide positive identification of the target ship using SLAM-ER’s imaging infrared seeker. He then commanded the seeker to lock onto the target at 7 nautical miles using the seeker’s centroid tracking feature. Once the lock was obtained, the missile guided autonomously to a direct hit low on the ship’s superstructure.





The DT-5 flight profile is shown below.

The SLAM-ER, F/A-18 OFP-13C and AWW-13 data link pod system performed as expected in all areas, including aircraft separation, wing deployment, engine start, midcourse GPS/INS navigation, aerodynamic performance, terminal guidance, and data link communication.


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