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Tactical Advanced Signal Processor (TASP)

The Tactical Advanced Signal Processor (TASP) project will be a series of contracts for digital signal processor [DSP] components, integrated systems and logistics support for use in airborne, surface ship, submarine and land-based DOD weapon systems. The TASP project is the Navy's means to migrate the traditionally highly customized signal processing systems in Navy tactical weapons to systems using commercial based technologies and acquisition methods.

The Under-Sea Warfare (DSP) Domain Project will use TASP and other ITEC components to enable the development of:

The Domain Program will develop software tools based on commercial products that will allow re-use and portability of signal processing software functions among common commercial DSP processor products and the TASP catalog components. Necessary to effectively promote re-use of hardware and software components in Navy systems is the establishment of common domain specific architectures. This Domain Management Program will provide a mechanism for promoting re-use and sharing among programs as well as centralized logistic support. Development of a legacy code conversion process is a key element in the Domain Program. PMS428 has been designated the Technical Domain Manager for TASP.

TASP and Tactical Advanced Computer (TAC) projects are elements of the ITEC acquisition strategy. TASP components are intended to be used in conjunction with TAC products and other ITEC elements. Information Technology Electronic Commerce (ITEC) is an acquisition strategy which promotes the use of commercial-based information technologies and practices which are built upon Department of the Navy (DoN) approved standards and architecture profiles. This strategy is facilitated through a Navy corporate endorsement, timely adoption of DoN consensus-based standards and architectures, and easily accessible standards-conforming products and services. ITEC defines processes and mechanisms for effectively coordinating user requirements, standards management, industry capabilities and communications, and acquisition streamlining measures. The integrated processes will result in convenient, responsive and functionally well-suited vehicles for commercial-based technologies for the Navy's users.

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