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Ship Silencing Program

Reduction of sonar self noise over the frequency range of passive capable sonar is one goal of the Navy Ship Silencing Program. The other goal is a maximum reduction in the ship's radiated noise to obtain the best possible counter-detection posture relative to enemy submarines. Unwanted noise can severely limit a ship's overall USW capability, both active and passive. A lack of understanding or inattention on the part of ship's personnel can negate the effect of installed quiet ship features

Platform noise is that noise generated by own ship other than the sonar system. Platform noise consists of radiated noise and crew generated noise. Control of this noise is the purpose of the shipboard noise control program. Platform noise is a primary concern when operating in EMCON.

Three classes of Sound Isolation Devices

Resilient Mounts - rubber shock devices used on machinery and piping.

Typical Resilient Mount

Distributed Isolation Material (DIM) - rubber type pads used on smaller equipment.

Distributed Isolation Material

Flexible Connections - used on pipes and hoses.

Flexible Connection

Sound isolation devices are most effective when properly matched to machine characteristics and when both the machine and device are properly maintained.

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