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MK 67 Submarine Launched Mobile Mine (SLMM)

Mine Mk 67 is a multiple-influence bottom mine with a capability that permits it to be covertly propelled to a predetermined planting location. Launched by submarine, its purpose is to restrict ship and submarine traffic. The MK 67 Submarine-Laid Mobile Mine (SLMM) anti-shipping mine is similar to a torpedo in that after it is launched it can travel under its own power to a remote location. The 1,765-pound MK-67 bottom mine uses a propeller which allows it to move independently into an area not normally accessible by mines. The Mk 67 employs a modified Torpedo Mk 37 as the propulsion vehicle, designated Mine Body Main Assembly Mk 4. Forward of this section is attached Explosive Section Mk 13, which contains the exploder and arming device, firing mechanism or target detecting device and associated battery as well as the main explosive charge.

The Mk 67 is the only mine in the US Navy stockpile that can be clandestinely delivered from long standoff ranges. The 1950's technology in SLMM is approaching obsolescence. An Improved SLMM program has been proposed to replace the Mk 67 by converting Mk 48 torpedoes into dual warhead mobile mines.


Weight 1,765 pounds / 1658 pounds (754 kilograms)
Length 13' 4" / 161 inches (409 centimeters)
Width 1' 9" / 19 inches (48.5 centimeters)
Detection System Magnetic/seismic or Magnetic/seismic/pressure target detection devices (TDDs).
Depth Range Up to 600 feet (183 meters)
Explosives 330 pounds (150 kilograms) of high explosive
Date Deployed 1983

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