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MK 44 Torpedo

The Mk-44 torpedo is an active homing torpedo using a salt water-activated electric battery. Mk-44 Mod0 is lauched from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Once in the water, the torpedo begins a spiral search pattern for target acquisition. The Mod1/2 are launched from surface combatants, thus is programed to weave away from its lauch ship and begin spiralling a safe distance away. Although widely used aroung the world, it has been withdrawn from service in the US Navy. The MK 44 was the warhead of the UUM-44A SUBROC anti-submarine missile, withdrawn from service in 1990, which could also carry the MK 46 torpedo.


Guidance active sonar
Weight 432 lbs
Length 8.2 ft
Range Official 3.4 miles
Speed Officialy 30 knots
Actual 30 knots
Search/attack depth settings Minimum 50 yards
Maximum 1000 yards
Weapon acquisition range 1000 yards
Run characteristics 6 minutes
all circular
Min/Max ASROC launching ranges 1200 to 6000 yards
Propulsion electric battery
Warhead 75 lbs HE

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