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AN/UPX-29(V) Interrogator System

The Interrogator System AN/UPX-29 is a centralized AIMS MK XII IFF system that employs a challenge and reply technique to distinguish friendly platforms in a multi-target environment. This is accomplished by the AN/UPX-29 generating identity queries on specific or general targets and processing target responses to obtain identification. An electronically-steered antenna (ESA), which is independent of a radar antenna, is employed to provide for immediate interrogations of pop-up targets. Since an electronically-steered antenna is used, the AN/UPX-29 is not dedicated to be used with any one particular radar system. The AN/UPX-29 is used with any radar system(s) that provides trigger and antenna bearing signals for synchronization of IFF target data with radar track data.

The AN/UPX-29 acts as a standalone IFF system, performing all AIMS MK XII funcitons. In addition, the AN/UPX-29 can convert analog data from conventional IFF operation into digital data, process and store up to 400 targets, provide instantaneous interrogation on a target within 25 microseconds, provide electronic evaluation of Mode 4 replies, provide operator-designated target information from data storage, provide simultaneous display of IFF targets synchronized with up to four radars at 22 displays, provide sector interrogation capability, and interface with shipboard computer control systems.

The AN/UPX-29 can be controlled from up to 22 manually operated display positions, one semi-automatic operating postion, and one shipboard computer controlled interface. These positions can function simultaneously, and AIMS functions are available at each position independent of the functions selected at other positions.

The primary operating mode of the AN/UPX-29 uses the processor controller main unit and the ESA. In the event of a failure in the main processor or a failure of the ESA antenna, a backup (Bypass) processor is provided along with a backup rotating antenna. The main and backup systems are independent of each other, allowing for up to four possible operating configurations. When the AN/UPX-29 backup processor is used, the interface with the shipboard computer control system will be disabled, and the system will be slaved and limited to displaying IFF video with one radar. If the rotating antenna is used, the AN/UPX-29 will be unable to perform instantaneous popups or redirects on targets.

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