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AN/SSQ-82(V)2 Multiple Unit for Transmission Elimination (MUTE)

The AN/SSQ-82(V)2 Multiple Unit for Transmission Elimination (MUTE) manages a ship's electronic emissions. Because MUTE controls all shipboard radiation sources from a centralized location, full electronic silence is possible. The MUTE system for shipboard emission control (EMCON) was developed in the early 1970s for use in CV/CVN and LHD 1 Class ships. The MUTE system is no longer supportable due to the obsolescence of component repair parts and the OEM, LaBarge Inc., will no longer manufacture or support the system.

The MUTE system was in the original plans for the new construction LHD 7 platform. When it was found that the system is no longer supportable in its current configuration, PMS 377, PEO(TAD)D3 and NSWC Crane Division proposed an alternate design using a TAC-4 computer to perform the processor, control and display functions of the system. This upgrade not only solved the supportability problem but significantly improved the operability of the MUTE system and provides an effective tool for providing both administrative and Battle Group EMCON.

This upgrade design was demonstrated in March, 1996 and work proceeded under PMS 377 sponsorship to provide an upgraded AN/SSQ-82(V)2 system for LHD 7 and to replace the original MUTE system for LHD 6 with the upgraded (V)2 version. The upgraded system for LHD 6 was delivered in September 1997 and the system for the new construction LHD 7 was delivered in FY98. Later orders for MUTE upgrades were placed for LHD 3 and LHD 5 to deliver and install in FY97.

PMS 312 was informed of these MUTE system upgrades and requested an upgraded MUTE system (AN/SSQ-82(V)2) system for the new construction CVN 75. PMS 312 considered a (V)3 MUTE system which would incorporate a fiber optics interface capability for use in new construction CVN 76 as well as for the RCOH CVN 68. Future retrofit of all operational CV/CVNs with the (V)2 MUTE systems is planned by PMS 312. The use of COTS/NDI to accomplish this upgrade of the MUTE system resulted in low initial upgrade costs, zero technical risk, streamlined in place logistics support processes and programmable EMCON command and control capability.

The AN/SSQ-82(V)2, which uses current Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Technology and Non-Developmental Items (COTS/NDI), replaces the obsolescent (V)1 variant and provides both administrative and threat emission control (EMCON). The (V)2 variant also provides a significant improvement in operator efficiency.

The AN/SSQ-82(V)2 will be installed on WASP (LHD-1)-class amphibious assault ships and NIMITZ (CVN-68)-class aircraft carriers. The Navy has planned forward-fit installations on the SAN ANTONIO (LPD-17) class.

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