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AN/SQQ-89 ASW Combat System [ASWCS]

The AN/SQQ-89 is the ASW Combat System for all surface combatants and will be the technological foundation for the ASW combat system of the DD-21. The ANISQQ-89 combat system suite provides Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7), Spruance (DD-963), Ticonderoga (CG-47), and Arleigb Burke (DDG-51) warships with an integrated undersea warfare detection, clas-sification, display, and targeting capability. The system combines and processes all active sonar information, and processes and displays all SH-60B Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS) Mk III sensor data.

The SQQ-89 tactical sonar suite is composed of a hull-mounted sonar (SQS-53B) and Tactical Towed Array Sonar (TACTAS), and is fully integrated with the ship's Light Airborne Multi-Purpose Systems (LAMPS MK 111) helicopter. The AN/SQQ-89 Integrated ASW Combat System suite is the most advanced ASW system in the world today, and makes the AEGIS cruiser the best equipped anti- submarine warfare platform in the world today. In light of various deficiencies identified in 1998, the Navy is reviewing and revising its AN/SQQ 89 upgrade program to develop and procure a fully integrated system in FY 03.

The AN/SQQ-89(V)14 Surface Ship ASW Combat System will integrate COTS into surface ASW combat systems and is intended to generate significant cost savings over previous Military Standard Systems. However, the SQQ-89 project built a system entirely of COTS and TAC-3 components. A third of the way through the production run, before the units were installed, the computer and monitors were taken off the market and replaced by systems that used a different set of "commercially standard" connectors. The wiring harnesses had to be redesigned, and to maintain configuration management, the program office removed the old computers and backfitted the new ones at a cost of half a million dollars, excluding the expense of performing the modification. This entire cycle occurred in less than four years.

The objective of the Surface ASW Combat Systems Integration Program is to incrementally modernize the existing AN/SQQ-89(V) system by providing contact fusion capabilities, improved data processing and classification performance, and develop an open system architecture. The open system architecture developed into the AN/SQQ- 89(V) will enable further affordable performance growth to meet fleet requirements. Additionally, this program supports the efforts to develop adjunct processing capability to process transmissions bistatically using the AN/SQS-53C or Towed Active Receiver Subsystem (TARS) as the receiver. Adjunct processing capability will be further enhanced by the development of the Multi-Function Towed Array (MFTA). The MFTA system will be engineered to perform as the receive array for the mid-frequency active sonar, torpedo defense, and BroadBand Variable Depth Sonar (developed by PE 0603553N) which will increase bandwidth over existing AN/SQQ-89(V) sensors and improve Measures Of Performance (MOP) in detection, tracking and classification. These efforts will provide a fully integrated AN/SQQ-89(V) ASW Combat System, with improved performance in the shallow, littoral environment.

Surface ASW Combat Systems Integration will fully support the integration of follow-on adjunct processing capabilities into the AN/SQQ-89(V) in these areas: 1) development of the MFTA to perform as the receive array for the mid-frequency active sonar, torpedo defense, and BroadBand Variable Depth Sonar, 2) implementation of the next incremental active classification improvement that will incorporate environmentally adaptive processing, and, 3) implementation of a follow-on mid-frequency bistatics capability to further improve detection, tracking, and classification of shallow water USW targets.

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