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AN/BSQ-5 Towed Buoy

NRL began development of a towed communication buoy for SSN (637 class) submarines in the late 1960s. Major improvements to the diesel buoy design were required to ensure compatibility with SSN use including:

The first SSN towed buoy was developed under the Buoy Integrated Antenna Submarine (BIAS) Program, managed by NAVELEX (now the Naval Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command). The first BIAS buoy was installed on the USS Pogy (SSN 647) in 1971, using communication components from the AN/BRA-27 development.

A much improved communication capability including FLTSATCOM, secure voice and IFF modes was integrated into the Pogy installation in 1974 and the system was given the designation AN/BSQ-5 (XB-1)

The Pogy installation was used to demonstrate and validate numerous submerged communication capabilities including:

SSN buoys operate below the surface, even when the faired, multi-function mast antenna was deployed above the water. As a result, SSN buoys could operate at much higher speeds than previous types and with less visible wake. They also had considerable communication capability:

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