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T-AK 5029 Cape Jacob

For Navy prepositioning, MSC operates the Navy's first modular cargo delivery system (MCDS) vessel, SS CAPE JACOB, at Diego Garcia. The vessel will carry Navy Ordnance and will also have the capability to operate as a shuttle replenishment ship for naval battle groups. SS Cape Jacob is one of Military Sealift Command's 34 Ready Reserve Force Ships and is part of the 38 ships in the Prepositioning Program (PM3).

The Modular Cargo Delivery System (MCDS) is a mechanized cargo transfer unit that acts as a combination elevator and winch, hoisting pallets of cargo into the air and then across wire lines strung between two ships sailing side-by-side. Two MCDS units have been installed on Ready Reserve Force ships SS Cape Johnson, SS Cape Alexander, SS Cape Gibson, SS Cape Girardeau, SS Cape John, SS Cape Juby and SS Cape Jacob.


Power Plant
Length 565 feet
Beam 76 feet
Draft 31 feet
Displacement 22,929 long tons
Speed 17 knots


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
Cape Jacob T-AK 5029 Saipan

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