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TAK 2049 Green Valley

Combat Prepositioning Force, or CPF, ships provide quick-response delivery of US Army equipment for ground troops. The TAK 2049 Green Valley and her sister ships are barge-carrying LASH, or lighter aboard ship, vessel capable of carrying both barges and containers. Each is capable of carrying up to 88 cargo barges (lighters), but may carry less to make room for containers and pusher boats. Each lighter weighs between 82 and 86 long tons and may discharge either pierside or in stream. LASH vessels have two gantry-style cranes: one 30-long-ton crane (forward) for moving containers and one 465.18-long-ton gantry for moving lighters. This second gantry can move nearly the length of the ship (except for holds one and two) to discharge pusher boats, lighters, and hatch covers. In addition to the gantry cranes, LASH vessels have a 3-long-ton general cargo crane to help load the ship's stores. Green Valley carries U.S. Army ammunition and is capable of independent, self-sustaining operations. Due to its self-sustaining capabilities, Green Valley is particularly conducive to loading and unloading operations where port restrictions preclude the ship from tying up at a pier. The ship are prepositioned in Diego Garcia.


Power Plant
Length 892 feet
Beam100 feet
Draft40 feet
Displacement 62,314 tons
Speed knots ( mph)
data for Green Valley, others are similar


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
GREEN VALLEY T-AK 2049 Diego Garcia
GREEN HARBOUR T-AK 2064 Diego Garcia
JEB STUART T-AK 9204 Diego Garcia

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