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T-AGM-22 Range Sentinel

The USNS T-AGM-22 Range Sentinel Missile Range Instrumentation Ship was originally built as a Navy APA Victory Class freighter, and later converted into a tracking ship for the Submarine Service. After 52 years of service, the Range Sentinel was deactivated during a ceremony 09 July 1997 at Port Canaveral. The ship's history dates back to World War II. It was present in Tokyo Bay on Sept. 2, 1945, for the Japanese surrender. At that time the vessel was called the USS Sherburne. During its second extended period of service as the USS Range Sentinel, which began in 1971, she supported and tracked 509 Polaris, Poseidon and Trident test missiles launched from both Launch Complex 46 and submarines operating off the Florida coast. She completed her final mission May 30. The ship's crew was unusual in that they were civil service employees under the Military Sealift Command, and the captain of the vessel was called a Master. The Sentinel had an Operational Test Support Unit - Navy men embarked under the civilian captain responsible for their welfare, and safety, as were all other hands.


Overall Length 455 ft
Waterline Length 437 ft
Extreme Beam 62 ft
Waterline Beam 62 ft
Maximum Navigational Draft 28 ft
Draft Limit 23 ft
Light Displacement 8853 tons
Full Displacement 11800 tons
Dead Weight 2947 tons
Propulsion Type Steam Turbines
Number of Propellers 1
Speed knots ( mph)
Accommodations 27 Officers 94 Enlisted


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
Range Sentinel T-AGM-22 Permante NO 2 01 Apr 1943 20 Sep 1944 03 May 1999

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