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PHM 1 Pegasus

PHM 1 Pegasus hydrofoil boats were designed to operate offensively against hostile surface combatants and other surface craft; and conduct surveillance, screening and special operations. The six PHMs of the Pegasus class formed a single squadron which operate from Key West. They were the Navy's fastest ships when foilborne and driven by their single gas turbine. They had good range on their diesels, excellent seakeeping qualities, amazingly fast response to requirements for speed, and a potent punch. Since becoming operational, they established an unusually high availability rate while participating in a variety of missions, including significant involvement in the national drug interdiction program.


Builder Boeing Marine Systems
Power Plant Foilborne
one gas turbine, 18,000 shaft horsepower,
waterjet propulsion units;

two diesels, 1,600 brake horsepower,
waterjet propulsion units

Length Foils extended, 133 feet;
foils retracted, 145 feet
Beam 28 feet
Displacement 255 tons full load
Armament 8 - Harpoon
1 - 76mm gun
Speed Foilborne, in excess of 40 knots;
hullborne, 12 knots
Crew 25


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
USS Pegasus PHM-1 BoeingKey West02 Feb 197309 Jul 197730 Jul 1993
USS Hercules PHM-2 BoeingKey West20 Oct 197718 Dec 198230 Jul 1993
USS Taurus PHM-3 BoeingKey West20 Oct 197710 Oct 198130 Jul 1993
USS Aquila PHM-4 BoeingKey West20 Oct 197726 Jun 198230 Jul 1993
USS Aries PHM-5 BoeingKey West20 Oct 197718 Sep 198230 Jul 1993
USS Gemini PHM-6 BoeingKey West20 Oct 197729 Jul 198230 Jul 1993

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