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PC-1 Cyclone class
Patrol Coastal Boats

The primary mission of these ships is coastal patrol and interdiction surveillance, an important aspect of littoral operations outlined in the Navy's strategy, "Forward...From the Sea." These ships also provide full mission support for Navy SEALs and other special operations forces. The Cyclone class ships are assigned to Naval Special Warfare. Of the thirteen ships, nine operate out of the Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, and four operate from the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. These ships provide the Naval Special Warfare Command with a fast, reliable platform that can respond to emergent requirements in a low intensity conflict environment.

The Patrol Coastal Combat Retrieval System (CCRS) program will modify the aft deck of Cyclone Class Patrol Coastal ships to be capable of retrieving various combatant craft. The current crane and ship’s boat will be removed and replaced with an aft deck ramp - which extends down to below the water line. This modification significantly increases the ship’s capability to provide NSW support. Work is budgeted to occur in FY00-03.


Length, Overall  51.62 M (169 ft 4 1/4 in.)
Beam, Maximum 7.62 m (25 feet)
Length at design waterline (DWL) 48.00 m (157 ft 5 3/4 in.)
Draft above Bottom of Keel Corresponding to Full Load Displacement 2.14 m. (7.02 ft)
Displacement, Full Load 315.32 tonnes (SW) [310-34 L Tons (SW)]
Height of highest projection above baseline to lowest projection below baseline  17.77 m (58 ft 3 3/4 in.)
Superstructure Material 5086 Aluminum
Fuel Capacity 47,772 Liter (12,620 gallons)
Fresh Water Capacity 4,701 liter (1,242 gallons)
Lubricating Oil 568 liter (150 gallons)
Boats (1) 20' RIB, (2) Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (Large)
Crew 30 persons
Capacity (including crew) 39 persons
Maximum Speed
(sea state 1, 50% fuel capacity)
35 knots
Cruising Speed
(sea state 3, 50 % fuel capacity)
25 knots
Minimum maneuvering speed 3 knots
Seaworthiness Survive through sea state 5
Minimum Range 2000 nautical miles at most economical speed over 12 knots
Endurance 10 days
Propulsion Engines Manufacturer: Paxman, Type: Valenta 16CM Diesel, Model 16RP200M, Rating 3350 bhp @ 1500 engine rpm, QTY: 4
Reduction Gearbox Manufacturer: Reintjes, Model WVS 2232, Reduction Ratio: 2.025:1, QTY: 4
Propellers 5 Bladed Fixed Pitch Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Generators Manufacturer: Caterpillar, Model 3306 DITA, Rating 150 Kilowatts @1800 rpm, Quantity: 2
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Plants 83.33 kW (23.7 Tons) Total
Desalinators Reverse Osmosis Desalinators 1514 liter (400 gallons) per day
Builder Bollinger Shipyards, Inc.


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
CyclonePC 1BollingerLittle Creek30 Aug 199007 Aug 199328 Feb 2000
TempestPC 2BollingerLittle Creek30 Aug 199021 Aug 1993
HurricanePC 3BollingerCoronado30 Aug 199015 Oct 1993
MonsoonPC 4BollingerCoronado30 Aug 199022 Jan 1994
TyphoonPC 5BollingerLittle Creek30 Aug 199012 Feb 1994
SiroccoPC 6BollingerLittle Creek30 Aug 199011 Jun 1994
SquallPC 7BollingerCoronado30 Aug 199004 Jul 1994
ZephyrPC 8BollingerCoronado30 Aug 199015 Oct 1994
ChinookPC 9BollingerLittle Creek19 Jul 199128 Jan 1995
FireboltPC 10BollingerLittle Creek19 Jul 199110 Jun 1995
WhirlwindPC 11BollingerLittle Creek19 Jul 199101 Jul 1995
ThunderboltPC 12BollingerLittle Creek19 Jul 199107 Oct 1995
ShamalPC 13BollingerLittle Creek19 Jul 199127 Jan 1996

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