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Mark V Special Operations Craft

The Mark V is used to carry Special Operations Forces (SOF), primarily SEAL combat swimmers, into and out of operations where the threat to these forces is considered to be low to medium. They also support limited coastal patrol and interruption of enemy activities. The MARK V Special Operations Craft (SOC) is the newest, versatile, high performance combatant craft introduced into the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Special Boat Squadron (SBR) inventory to improve maritime special operations capabilities.

The MARK Vs are a result of a streamlined acquisition effort managed by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Special Operations Acquisition Executive (SOAE). From the awarding of the contract to actual possession of the first boat took only 18 months.

A basic MK V SOC operating system, also referred to as an operational detachment, is comprised of two craft, two transporters, two prime movers, two five man crews, an eight-man maintenance support team and one deployment support package. A deployment support package consists of containerized system support equipment (spares/repair parts, consumables, etc.) carried on cargo transporters. A MK V SOC detachment is deployable on two USAF C-5 aircraft to a theater of operations within 48 hours of notification and is prepared to commence day/night special operations in support of a fleet, joint, or combined task force commander within 24 hours after arriving at a forward staging location (host port facility). A detachment is overland transportable via arterial, collector and local industrial roadways. A detachment is self-sufficient in its ability to sustain organizational support for a notional period, but will not be configured to provide security, messing or berthing for its personnel while forward deployed.

The first 2 craft were received by USSOCOM on 4 Sep 95 and the Operational Test and Evaluation was completed in Oct 95. Milestone III was approved on 27 Oct 95 followed by release of the full rate production contract to Halter Marine Inc., of New Orleans. Full operational capability was achieved in 1st Quarter FY99. The fourth MK V SOC detachment (craft 7 and 8) was delivered to SBU-20 in Norfolk, VA on 11 Jan 97. The inventory objective is 20 craft/10 operational detachments. The MK V SOC system Pre-planned Product Improvements Program (P3I), as dictated by the Systems Improvement Plan, calls for updating the weapons, navigation, and various electronics systems as funding allows.


Builder Halter Marine Inc., Gulfport, Miss.
Length Overall 82 ft.
Beam, maximum 17.5 ft.
Draft (max. static) 5 ft.
Displacement 57+ tons in operational configuration
Hull Mono hull, 5086 series aluminum
Propulsion Engines 2 x 2285 HP MTU 12V396 TE94 engines
Propulsor  2 x KaMeWa K50S Waterjets
Fuel Capacity 2600 gallons fuel capacity
Nav System Radar, GPS, LORAN, chart plotter, fathometer, flux gate compass
Comm System VHF-BTB, VHF-FM, UHF/VHF-FM UHF AM/FM, LOS/SATCOM, VHF-High Band, HF, UHF-handheld, data, IFF
Accommodations 5 crew,
up to 16 passengers/
up to 4 CRRC/
6 outboard motors fuel
Weapons 5 mounting positions for 7.62 mm,
12.7mm, 40mm;

improvements include
7.62mm gatling guns,
twin 12.7mm,
25mm guns,
Cruise Speed (SS3) 25-35 knots
Range at Cruise 550+ nautical miles
Max. Speed (SS2) 47-50+ knots
Range at Max Speed 500+ nautical miles
Payload (variable) 6,500 lbs+

2 Transporter
2 Tractor (M916A1E1)

Deployment Package Containerized on:
2 5-ton truck (M1083 or equivalent)
4 5/4-ton truck (M1097 or equivalent)

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