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LPD-1 Raleigh

The LPD-1 Raleigh Amphibious Transport Dock [LPD] ships transport and land Marines, their equipment and supplies by embarked landing craft or amphibious vehicles augmented by helicopters in amphibious assault. These versatile ships replace amphibious transports (APA), amphibious cargo ships (AKA) and the older LSDs, although their capabilities are less than those of the new LPD-4 and LSD-41 classes. Both ships of this class were retired in the early 1990s.

EX-U.S.S. Raleigh (LPD 1) was disposed as a target in surrogate Ship Shock Test/Trials to provide insight into platform vulnerabilities with respect to underwater proximity bursts on 04 December 1994.


Power Plant Two boilers, two steam turbines,
two shafts, 24,000 shaft horsepower
Length Overall Length: 522 ft
Waterline Length: 500 ft
Beam Extreme Beam: 100 ft
Waterline Beam: 84 ft
Draft Maximum Navigational Draft: 23 ft
Draft Limit: 23 ft
Displacement Light Displacement: 8650 tons
Full Displacement: 14113 tons
Dead Weight: 5463 tons
Armament 6 - MK33 three-inch/50-caliber guns
2 - 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Speed 21 knots
Crew 429 ship's company;
930 troops
Aircraft Landing only


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
Raleigh LPD-1 New York NSY Norfolk19 Dec 195808 Sep 196231 Dec 1991
Vancouver LPD-2 New York NSYSan Diego30 Dec 195910 May 196331 Mar 1992

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