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Mechanized Landing Craft LCM

The LCM(6) is intended primarily for the transport of cargo and/or personnel from ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore. The craft is a 56-foot twin-screw, welded-steel craft with forward cargo well and bow ramp. The design of the boat permits its transportation aboard larger vessels.

In 1959, the LCM-3 was replaced with the larger 70 ton LCM-8. LCM-8 are manned by a four man crew, Boatswainmate Petty Officer, Enginerman Petty Officer, and a nonrate fireman and seaman. The LCM-8 is constructed of steel and powered by two 12 V-71 diesel engines. The LCM-8 has twin screws and rudders, which can be controlled from the pilothouse. LCM-8 is built of welded steel; it's bottom, however, is semiflat.


Length Overall (nominal, hull) 56 ft. 0 in.73.7 feet (22.5 meters)
Beam (nominal, over guards) 14 ft. 4 in.21 feet (6.4 meters)
Draft (max. full load) 4 ft. 3 in.
Hoisting Weight (max) 69,600 lbs.
Displacement (full load, approx.) 137,600 lbs. 105 tons (95.5 metric tons) full load
Fuel Capacity 768 gals.
Cargo Capacity 68,800 lbs. or
80 troops
1- M60 tank or
200 troops
Propulsion Engine (hp) 600 shp per engine at 2300 rpm2- Detroit 12V-71 Diesel engines;
680hp sustained; twin shafts
Speed 9 kts (10.3 mph, 16.6 kph)12 kts (13.8 mph, 22.2 kph)
Range 130 miles at 9 kts190 miles at 9kts full load
Crew 5 persons
Hull Construction Steel

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