State Department Noon Briefing

Daily Press Briefing
Wednesday, December 6, 2000

BRIEFER: Richard Boucher, Spokesman


Q: The Yemeni Prime Minister has said that up to six people may be
tried after Ramadan for the attack on the COLE.

MR. BOUCHER: We saw the press report. We have actually checked around
quite a bit and we really can't confirm information about trial dates
being set for subjects - suspects in the USS COLE attack. The ongoing
criminal investigation is one that I can't really get into the status
of. I can't really get into the status of the ongoing criminal
investigation. But as I said, I've checked around. I'm not aware that
they're setting dates for trials and things like that.

I would emphasize once again we have very close cooperation with the
Yemeni Government officials on this. The relationships remain
excellent, and we are pleased with the progress we have made together
with them on the investigation so far.

Q: Do you have names of these people?

MR. BOUCHER: Again, that kind of gets into the details of the
investigation that I'm not able to give you.

Q: Well, an NBC affiliate in Boston is saying one of these people was
at one point a cab driver up there. Do you have any information
whether any of these people lived in this country?

MR. BOUCHER: I am sure that investigators are very interested in
things like that. But not being able to give you names, I can't give
you personal histories, either.