BLDG 619
PEARL HARBOR, HI 96860-4664

From: Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, HI


This issue of Patrol magazine has been published for a few reasons. First, I want to help you understand our current state and our potential state, so you understand where we are and where I feel we're going.

Basically, this magazine portrays what I like to call the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of our Submarine Force. The good is we are doing great... with what we have. Unfortunately, the bad is that what we have is not enough, and we have missed or had to turn down critical obligations. And the ugly is the future. We will continue to downsizing the number of submarines and submarine crews for the next four years and unless we operate the remaining submarines at an unsustainable pace, we will increasingly miss national security obligations. Our task it to turn this ugly into good!

This magazine gives you a vehicle by which you can better convey our story to the public. In my opinion, we have been too silent too long, and we owe it to our country to explain why their tax dollars have and should continue to support a credible submarine force second to none.

The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jay L. Johnson, encourages us to reverse the trend of the Navy's fading image in mainstream American life. He said in a recent letter that, "... Today's recruiting challenge and the need to modernize the fleet demand that we in uniform seek every opportunity to be visible and vocal about who we are and what we do for our country. We cannot only talk to groups with which we are familiar and comfortable. What I am asking you to do is seek speaking opportunities in heartland America, where a Navy uniform is rarely seen and a Navy voice is seldom heard."

Let me make my intent very clear: I could not be prouder of the job our warriors are doing today. The sacrifices you make personally, financially and emotionally by going in harms' way are as important the nation as they have ever been. I'm proud of you and proud of our force. Now I want you to tell everyone in America why they, too, should be proud of our submarine force.

As you read the following important points and charts, I hope you'll come to the conclusion that the submarine force is highly effective, extremely efficient and totally invaluable. For those of you in the submarine force, continue doing what you do best. Be proud of your accomplishments and your organizations and take care of one another. As important, let people know just how proud you are of the submarine force and help me explain to the American public about what the Defense Science Board calls "the crown jewel" of the armed forces.

Warm Regards and Keep Charging,

Al Konetzni
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy