Oceanic Accoustics

Environmetal Support Package Near Real Time Analysis

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Table of Contents

Fronts and Eddies (FREDDY) - EASTPAC

Fronts and Eddies (FREDDY) - Coastal Washington

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) - EASTPAC

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) - Coastal Washington

Mixed Layer Depth (MLD) - EASTPAC

Mixed Layer Depth (MLD) - Coastal Washington

Sonic Layer Depth (SLD) - EASTPAC

Sonic Layer Depth (SLD) - Coastal Washington

Secondary Sound Channel (SSC) - EASTPAC

Secondary Sound Channel (SSC) - CoastalWashington

Deep Sound Channel (DSC) - EASTPAC

Deep Sound Channel (DSC) - Coastal Washington

Convergence Zone (CZ) - EASTPAC

Convergence Zone (CZ) - Coastal Washington

Author: NPMOD Bangor

SOURCE: Environmetal Support Package Near Real Time