Title: The Revolt of the Admirals

Subject: A study of the "Revolt of the Admirals" from both a Navy and Air Force perspective.

Author(s): Andrew L. Lewis; Albert L. St. Clair (Faculty Advisor)


Abstract: In this paper, I will be studying the fight for the survival of the aircraft carrier from 1945-1950. Commonly referred to as the "Revolt of the Admirals," this time period was marked by tremendous interservice fighting between the navy and the newly formed United States Air Force. I will present both the air force and the navy argument. There is a wealth of primary source material available at the AU Library as well as some secondary literature that is applicable to the subject. My preliminary thesis is: The Air Force argument against the continuing development of the aircraft carrier was inadequate. On the other hand, the Navy's argument was valid in 1945, and it continues to be so today!

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