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Strategic Theater Command and Control System (STCCS)

Timely, accurate information concerning hostile and friendly forces is essential in reducing decision-cycle time and effectively monitoring execution of operational orders. EAC command and control must not only pass information horizontally to theater staff and subordinate commands, but also interoperate with GCCS, other Service systems, multinational systems, ATCCS Battlefield Functional Area Control Systems (BFACS)/ABCS, and other C2 systems.

STCCS is the Army's means to accomplish EAC C2. It is a peacetime and go-to-war set of software modules that will reside on AGCCS and are designed to assist theater commanders in the execution of crisis and wartime EAC sustainment and operational maneuver functions. STCCS is a user-friendly, highly-adaptable, reliable, and maintainable system. STCCS features ease of modification to meet changing threats and functional requirements, and to enable expeditious insertion of new technology into the system. This is accomplished through adherence to a layered, open system architecture philosophy, employing common hardware and operating system software tied to modular, functional applications through a common ATCCS software system layer. An aggressive software re–use philosophy is also employed.

User experience with fielded software will identify needed capability improvements, user interface changes, and other problems requiring fixes. These will be readily incorporated into STCCS within the constraints of the annual development release cycle.

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