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Multipurpose Individual Munition (MPIM)
Short Range Assault Weapon (SRAW)

The Multipurpose Individual Munition / Short Range Assault Weapon (MPIM/SRAW) is the future answer for effectively defeating personnel in three different environments: behind masonry/brick walls, within earth and timber bunkers and in light armored vehicles. Ideally suited for MOUT environments, MPIM/SRAW will replace the LAW, AT-4, and other light shoulder fired weapons.

In the statement of managers accompanying the conference report on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1994 (Public Law 103-160) (H. Rept. 103-357), the conferees agreed that the Army should pursue a limited, interim program for procurement of a bunker-defeat munition (BDM). The conferees also agreed that the Marine Corps' short-range anti-armor weapon (SRAW) and the Army's BDM were too similar to justify maintaining separate programs for the long-term. The conferees believed that a long-term solution to the problem should be sought which drew from the SRAW missile and from warhead technology developed in the Army's multi-purpose individual munition (MPIM) program.

The Army decided on a program for a MPIM system that will capitalize on the SRAW's propulsion technology and the MPIM's warhead technology. The SRAW missile, with the MPIM warhead, has the potential to satisfy the Army and Marine Corps requirements to defeat multiple targets, while the original SRAW warhead provides an anti-armor capability.

The MPIM/ SRAW munition consists of a disposable launcher/ carry case equipped with a 2.5X telescopic sight compatible with current and future night vision devices. The shoulder-launched missile consists of a two- stage, soft- launch propulsion system with inertial guidance and explosively- formed penetrator with follow- through grenade warhead. The missile is capable of firing quickly from its carrying configuration and is safely fired from enclosures. The 35-inch, 20-pound disposable weapon has a range out to 500 meters. Internal rate sensors allow Soldiers to aim directly at a moving target and a soft launch capability allows Soldiers to fire from enclosures. The warhead is extremely lethal due to the combination of an explosively formed penetrator with a follow through fragmentation grenade.

The program completed Phase I (Risk Reduction Phase) in March 1998. All Phase I requirements were met on schedule and within budget. Accuracy solution was verified by two successful full missile shots at 500m wall and 200m bunker. MPIM/SRAW executed Phase II (System Qualification) option in May 1998. USMC Predator qualification testing began in August 1998. First unit equipped is scheduled for FY02.

Loral Aeronutronic, Rancho Santa Margarita, California, was awarded on December 21, 1994, a $3,700,000 increment as part of a $7,850,000 cost plus incentive fee contract for a Multi-Purpose Individual Munition/Short Range Antiarmor Weapon (MPIM/SRAW) Technology Demonstration. Work will be performed at Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and was expected completed by mid-1995. The prime contractor is Lockheed Martin Electronics and Missiles (Orlando, FL).

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