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M2 Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (SLAM)

DESCRIPTION. SLAM is an anti-materiel and anti-vehicular (through light armor such as a BMP) munition that is light, compact, effective, and readily usable by Special Operation Forces (SOF) units to destroy enemy vehicles, parked aircraft, and ammunition and petroleum sites while avoiding direct contact with the enemy. The SLAM will have four possible methods of detonation: detonating with a mine function, trip-wire, command detonation function, and a time-delay function (integral timer). The SLAM will replace, for SOF units only, the M-15, M-19, and M-21 mines in the current inventory and augment or replace designated special purpose munitions

STATUS. Alliant Techsystem Inc., formerly Honeywell, was awarded the contract for full scale development in March of 1990.

EMPLOYMENT CONCEPT. This munition will be employed primarily by SOF forces. It will be used to support hit-and-run, ambush, and harassing, and urban warface missions. SLAM will also be employed by Light Combat Engineers and Rangers where missions warrant the use of such a device.

BASIS of ISSUE. SLAM will be an ammunition (Class V) item.

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