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The Véhicule Blindé Léger (VBL) corresponds to a new tactical need with wheels discrete and general-purpose having amphibians and NBC capacities. It is conceived to combine with the agility of the jeep a sufficient protection against the battlefield and the dangers of NBC attack. The VBL is planned for two versions: reconnaissance and anti-tank combat. It must be able to carry out in an autonomous way the missions of reconnaissance and infiltration, and to ensure the environment of the future. The version with anti-tank devices will be capable of shooting MILAN with 6 missiles, 7.62 mm automatic arms with 2000 rounds, or 7.62 mm automatic arms with 3000 rounds.

3 in version anti-tank device: head of machine, pilot, gunner MILAN 
2 in version light

length: 3.84 m 
overall width: 2.02 m 
height: 1.70 m 
ground clearance: 0.35 m 

masses (combat without option): 3.8t. 
power unit: engine XD 3t compressed turbo Peugeot-diesel, 
power of 95 CH DIN (70 kW), 
couple 21 mdaN with 2250 rpm torque converter with 
automatic box with 3 box reports/ratios of tranfert with 2 ratios (road-ground) 

amphibious system of propulsion: propulsion by propellers (option) 

fuel rating: 28 ch/t fuel: 75 gas oil L out of tank 20 L 
autonomy: 600 km 
average on road: 70 km/h maximum 
stabilized speed of 60 km/h 
on water with propellers: 5.4 km/h 

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