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Valkiri Multiple Artillery Rocket

The Valkiri Multiple Artillery Rocket System is an upgraded, modular, extremely mobile second generation system which boasts firepower with a minimum range of 7.5 km and a maximum range of 36 km at sea level. The system is designed to be deployed either on its own, in batteries or in conjunction with more conventional artillery - as a selfcontained unit. In action and out of action times are 5 and 1 minutes respectively. It can even be deployed in a variety of naval applications. Its tactical roles include action against area targets such as troop concentrations, softskinned logistic convoys, logistic installations and infrastructure and even armoured vehicles.

The Valkiri's combat role is further enhanced by its warhead selection facility. Salvos consisting of a combination of warheads and fuze settings, proximity or point detonation may be field-fitted and fired to meet any particular tactical requirement. The Launch Pack is of modular design and can thus be easily mounted on a wide variety of carriers and platforms. The current Launch Pack consists of 40 tubes but can be varied to suit specific requirements.

Rockets may be launched either singly or in ripples of up to 40 rockets at a time. The firing rate is one rocket per second with a reloading time of less than 10 minutes. The rocket has a maximum range of 36 kilometers with a dispersion within a radius of 1,3% of the range.


Builder SOMCHEM division of DENEL
Range 36 kilometers maximum range
7.5 kilometers minimum range
number of tubes 24
salvo time (sec) 24
reload time (min) 10 minutes
warhead types Prefragmented anti-personnel warhead
emplace/displace time (min) 5/2
step (m) .35
grade (degrees) 30
side slope (degrees)  
ground clearance (mm) 300
weight (m) 6400 kg
length (m) 5.35
width (m) 2.3
height (m) 2.32
speed, road (kph) 90
road range (km) 400
crew 2

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