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Type 90 Tank

Development of the Type 90 tank was initiated in 1977, and it was accepted for service in 1990. The Type 90, equipped with 120mm gun, is a first-class tank that is equal to any tank made by leading nations of the world. The tank is equipped with a the same Rheinmetall 120-mm tank gun as the the German Leopard 2. The Type 90 tank carries a smoothbore barrel rather than a rifled barrel, and ammunition includes armor-piercing projectiles, antitank howitzer shells, and adhesive [high explosive plastic (HEP)] howitzer shells. The Type 90 weighs 50 gross tons, is powered by a 1,500-horsepower engine, and has a 30-horsepower-per-ton power-to-weight ratio. With the exception of the turretless Swedish Stridsvagn (S-type) tank and various Russian models, the Type 90 tank is the first tank to achieve manpower savings by reducing the crew to three through the development of an ammunition autoloader. Innovative technology includes a laser and thermal-guided gun and turret controls. The automatic target tracking system using a thermal image display is controlled through a tank commander's targeting periscope attached to the top of the turret in an independently rotatable mode. Night-vision range finders are integrated into fire control systems (FCS) and night vision thermal imaging systems of a passive type use the infrared rays emitted from the opposing target to provide a substantial improvement in visible range. These features enable the tank to achieve high-precision, mobile firing, and enhanced the tanks capabilities to respond rapidly to multiple targets. Proprietary technology was used on the composite armor, including steel and ceramics with superior projectile-resistant qualities.


CREW : 3
MAX WEIGHT : About 50t
LENGTH OVERALL : About 9.80m
WIDTH OVERALL : About 3.40m
HEIGHT OVERALL : About 2.30m
MAX SPEED : About 70km/h
ENIGINE : Liquid-cooled two-stroke 10-cylindered diesel engine
Max power 1,500PS/2,400rpm
: 1 - 120mm smooth bore gun
: 1 - 12.7mm (Cal. 50) heavy machine gun
: 1 - Type 74 7.62mm mounted machine gun

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