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Type 83 273mm rocket
WM-80 273mm rocket

The Chinese 273mm multiple rocket system utilizes a modular design similar to the US MLRS. The Type 83 Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL), mounted on a tracked vehicle chasis, has four tubes arranged in a single line. The modernised and upgraded WM-80 Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher, mounted on the rear of a TA-550 8X8 cross-country truck chassis, has eight tubes arranged in two lines of four tubes. The WM-80 features a reload time of 5 to 8 minutes, and a digital ballistic computer which provides positioning and fire direction for an accuracy of less than 2% of the range to the target. The Type 83 273mm rocket is a fin stabilized high explosive rocket. The rocket is olive drab with black markings, and weighs 484 kilograms (1,067 pounds).


Diameter273 mm
Length 14.6 feet
Weight484 kilograms (1,067 pounds)
505 kilograms [WM-80]
Range40 km
80 km [WM-80]
Warhead 330 lbs, HE blast/fragmentation

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