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Type 62

The relatively light-weight 21 ton Type 62 is a scaled-down version of the Type 59, and the two share many similar features. The cast and welded Type 62 turret is slightly smaller with nearly identical hatches and fittings. Similar in design to the Type 59 original, the wheels and tracks are smaller and lighter. The Type 62 mounts an 85mm gun that can fire AP, APHE, HE, and HEAT rounds. Its armor is obsolete by modern standards, and vulnerable to advanced anti-tank munitions. The Type 62 tank has largely been relegated to secondary defense and training duties, though it remains in service with the PLA in large numbers.

The North Korean CH’ONMA-HO vairant uses a 115mm main gun, and mounts a single 7.62mm machinegun, though some may have 12.7mm machinegun.

The amphibious Type 63 light tank uses the same turret and the same 85mm main gun.


Type Medium tank
Powerplant 430 hp diesel
Weight 21 tons
Armament one 85mm smooth bore gun OR
115mm main gun (CH’ONMA-HO)

one 12.7mm machine gun
two 7.62mm machine gun

Max Range 12,200 m
Effective Range 1,870 m
Rate of Fire 3-5 rds/min
Stabilization Yes
Ammunition Frag-HE, HEAT, APFSDF-T
Armor Penetration 495mm (HEAT) at 1,000 m
360mm (APFSDF-T) at 1,000 m
Basic Load 40 rds
Thickness Hull -- 15-100mm
Turret Frontal -- 200mm
Road Range 450 km
Max Speed Dirt Road 35 km/hr
Paved Road 50 km/hr
Fording 1.4 m (5 m with snorkel)
Vertical Obstacle .8 m
Trench 2.85 m
Climb Slope 30 degrees
Othersmoke, can be fitted with mine clearing device

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