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TAM Tanque Argentino Mediano

The TAM (Tanque Argentino Mediano, Argentine Medium Tank) is a the 40 tons class tank based on the German Marder 1 IFV. Principle differences include different powerpacks and slightly heavier armor for the tank version. The TAM and the IFV version, the VCTP (Vehiculo de Combate Transporte de Personal, combat vehicle personnel transport) were shown as prototypes in the mid-1970s. They are the standard equipment of the Argentine army mechanised units. A family of derivative vehicles in various stages of development include the VCPM mortar carrier, VCRC recovery vehicle, VCTC command vehicle, VCLC rocket launcher, and a self-propelled howitzer carrying a local version of the italian Palmaria gun.

The first few TAM's were equiped with the locally produced variant of the L7A1. Later vehicles were armed with the Rheinmetall LTA2, and the last produced vehicles were equiped with a locally produced modified version of the French CN-105-57, produced in the TAMSE military factory of Rio Tercero, in Cordoba province.


Main Armament (caliber, model) 105-mm Rheinmetall Gun
Ammunition type APFSDS-T, HEAT-T, HESH, HE, HEP-T, Canister, Smoke, Illum
Range, effective (m)  
Stabilized vertical only
Elevation/traverse (degrees) -7/+18 360
Penetration (mm @ m range)  
Basic load 50 rds
Secondary Armament 7.62-mm coax MG
Ammunition type SLAP, Ball
Basic load 1200 rds
Auxiliary Armament 7.62-mm AAMG
Ammunition type SLAP, Ball
Vehicle characteristics  
Night sights  
Gunner LLLTV
Driver LLLTV
Speed, road/off-road (kph) 75/
Range, road/off-road (km) 1000 (w/tanks) 550/
Trench Xng (width)/Step( height m) 2.1/2.90
Grade x side slope (degrees) (60%)
Ground clearance (mm) .44
Fording (m) 1.5 (w/o prep) /2.25 (prep) / 4 (snorkel)
Weight (mt) 30.5 (combat)
Dimensions (LxWxH m w/o gun) 6.78x3.12x2.42
NBC protection Yes
Crew 4
Night Firing Sights PZB-200

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